Growell Sandblasting Services

Growell Vietnam offers professional, experienced sandblasting services and the right sandblasting equipment to meet your product and volume needs.

Growell regularly has technician training programs at Growell Group Thailand. Constantly improving the skills of technicians, improving the quality of sandblasting services to satisfy customers is what Growell Vietnam is aiming for.

  • Cleaning steel structures, steel beams, aluminum formwork, corrugated iron sheets
  • Engraving tombstone, creating frosted glass
  • Cleaning, polishing castings surface
  • Removing paint, cars and motorbike details
  • Preparing surface before painting
Dịch vụ phun cát làm sạch Growell
Dịch vụ phun cát làm sạch Growell

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Skilled technical team with modern sandblasting equipment system – committed to bring high quality sandblasting service, shortening surface treatment time for customers.


Commitment to the metal surface after blasting meets international standards of cleanliness SA 2.5. Minimize errors in surface treatment. Provides optimum surface finish, setting the stage for further processing.


Optimize costs by using sandblaster with automatic abrasive reuse. There by minimizing the cost of abrasive media, giving customers a sandblasting service with the best price.

Repairing Shot blasting machine Services

Instead of  having to spend some money to buy a new shot blaster , you can contact Growell’s repair sandblaster service. For many years in a row, our team of highly qualified and experienced technicians has helped hundreds of customers to repair, maintain, and upgrade their surface treatment sandblasting equipment.

  • High-quality service
  • Good price
  • Official spare parts
  • Flexible payment
  • Long-term after repair warranty