GROWELL GROUP would like to send you the best wishes and best regards. Wish customers always happy, prosperous and successful.

GROWELL GROUP is a leading manufacturer and distributor of cleaning shot blasting machines. In addition, we also produce steel ball beads, steel cleaning beads under the brand name “GROWELL“. Our Group has a wide distribution network system to supply to Vietnam and international markets such as Japan, Pakistan, Israel, Dubai, Bahrain, Taiwan, China, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and other countries.

Founded in 2015, GROWELL VIETNAM CO., LTD has been successfully transferred and connected with over 20 years experience from Growell Thailand. We specialize in designing and manufacturing the Shot Blasting Machine, Spare Part and exclusive distribution of steel shot and grit of Growell Thailand in Vietnam market.

Through the years of formation and development, achievements in the recent transition period, positive changes about products, quality, services, …, have correctly affirmed the strategy of Growell Vietnam.

Growell Viet Nam

  Each of Growell Vietnam’s successes is built on the culture built, maintained, inherited and developed by Growell Vietnam’s man power generations.

1. Vision
  Growell Vietnam Development has become a professional and leading enterprise in the market and affirmed its position as a strong enterprise in the field of spraying and sand blasting for surface treatment in Vietnam.

 2 . Mission
  Commitment to bring the market practical, quality, standard and reliable products with reasonable prices on the basis of ensuring efficiency on the basis of production and business, contributing positively to into the sustainable development of the industry and the country’s economy.

3. Core Value
 Professional, effective, shared responsibility.
 Sharing benefits, advantages, difficulties, with customers, with colleagues responsible to the community and society.

4. Business Philosophy
  Create value for customers with high quality products, stable, reasonable prices, services and innovative solutions. Promote internal resources associated with mobilizing all resources to protect the environment and social responsibility .
 With the criterion of putting “quality” as the focus, with the motto of always moving forward based on innovation technology foundation, we will continue to make more efforts to bring more value, benefits for customers, building a strong corporate culture and effectively contributing to the development of the community.