Shot Blasting Steel Structure U, I,H of Growell

Shot Blasting Steel Structure U, I,H

Full automatic systems for cleaning structure steel are designed to remove rust, scale and old paint from steel more thoroughly and economically than air blasting or chemical cleaning.  On the incoming and outgoing side a roller conveyor with different lengths and width, Depending on their length and weight the word pieces are put onto the roller way manually or by crane.  After loading the parts are transported through the machine with a pre-selected speed.  A blow-off or a brush unit is cleaning them after blasting.

Shot Blasting Steel Structure U, I,H

GROWELL machine offer the high end benefit by:

     – Increase the effectiveness of protective and anti-corrosive coatings.

     – Eliminate problem of bleed through from chemical cleaning and rust.

     – Provide the proper profile to meet your paint specification requirements.

     – High production with less labor cost.

     – Clean and safe environment.