Shot Blasting Machine Apron Type

Apron type Machine

      For removal and cleaning of sand casting, rust, forging, and burrs from all kinds of materials / parts. This type of blast machine is economical and minimal maintenance.  The wide range of application and parts can be loaded through an automatic loader to receive work pieces into the blast drum by forwarding movement of rubber belt to clear the work pieces from the loader.

      When the blast process starts and the forward movement of rubber belt allows the work pieces to constantly tumble under the blast stream.  By this, the work pieces are cleaned completely and evenly.  After finishing blast process, the lifting door opens automatically and backwards movement of rubber belt to clear the work pieces from the blast drum.  The work pieces fall into discharging units receiving them for further transportation.

Apron type machine

Applications: Apron Type Machine for machining on metal surfaces, surface cleaning, rust removal, forging, surface polishing, polishing and coating removal on the surface of metal items and casting details.

Growell provide a full range of Apron type machines with many designs, sizes, suitable for many different casting product lines.