Steel Shot are produced by Growell Thailand – a leading group in the field of manufacturing clean steel with over 20 years of experience and distributed directly by Growell Vietnam.

Hạt bi thép làm sạch Growell

Uses: Used to clean gas tank shells, clean ship hulls, clean, roughen mechanical products, motorbike spare parts, create rough surfaces, mold sand, create blur on glass …

Have two type: Steel Shot and Steel Grit

Steel shot distributed by Growell Vietnam are committed to:
       – High quality grain, uniform in structure
       – Goods are always available
       – After-sales service is always good
       – Flexible promotion mode
In addition, we also have free and periodical consulting, technical support services for your company to ensure the highest efficiency of your company’s production process.

Hạt bi thép Growell

Steel Shot Growell

Hạt thép Growell

Steel Grit Growell

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