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Founded in 2015, Growell Vietnam Co., Ltd. has been successfully transferred and connected with over 25 years of experience from Growell Group in Thailand: Specializing in designing and manufacturing blasting machines for cleaning, distributing steel shot & steel grit by Growell Thailand.
Our main products:

– Shot blasting machine: Hanger machine, Steel structure shot blasting machine, Apron type machine, Shot blasting steel plate, Rotary hanger type, Shot blasting gas cylinder, Shot blasting pipe machine,…
– Pneumatic blasting system: Sand blasting room, Suction cabinet, Blast pot
– Industrial liquid paint spray system
– Equipment and spare parts for shotblasting and sandblasting machines.
– Sandblasting service – Machine repair service
– Abrasives: Steel shot, Steel grit, Stainless ball, Aluminum oxide beads, Glass beads


Growell Vietnam pursues the goal of Quality – Reliability – Sharing and maintaining this direction to maintain, improve and enhance the quality standards of products – services, bringing satisfaction to customers.


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