Shot Blasting Gas Cylinder

Shot blasting machine
Shot blasting machine

This Shot Blasting system is designed as a semiautomatic, all around self contained blast cleaning chamber. It is a highly efficient shot blasting system thai delivers consistent high quality blast cleaning result.

 The work piece (gas cylinder) is manually loaded onto the external loading station. This loader is pneumatically control to up lift the cylinder to the roller conveyor level, and trereby discharge the cylinder onto the roller conveyor at which it will transport the cylinder into the main shot blasting chamber. The roller conveyor is designed to rotates the cylinder systematically and evenly during the blasting process to ensure a complete blasting coverage on the cylinder. Blasting media are continuously recycled and recovered through the screw conveyor, bucket elevator and separator, which separates broken media, debris and dust.

Shot blasting machine
Shot blasting machine

Blasting Machine of Growell have quality equal G7 quality with over 25 years of experience in manufacturing automatic blasting machine:
      – Clean products according to international standards
      – No dust
      – Steel don’t shoot out
      – Super smooth running machine
      – Flexible accessories