Steel plate Shot blasting machine

Growell Shot blasting machine Steel plate is an automatic shot blasting equipment made to clean the surface of all varieties of corrugated iron sheets and get rid of old paint and rust that has adhered to the metal’s surface.

Máy phun bi tôn tấm

The product is fully cleaned using this machine method, which also guarantees excellent technical standards. It also has the benefit of utilizing less cleaning agents and being more cost-effective. A roller conveyor system is used to carry products, and because each related product has a variable length and breadth, it can be loaded manually or by crane.

Place the steel plate on the conveyor and then use the touch screen control to operate the machine. Every product type can be accommodated by adjusting the conveyor’s running speed. The blasting wheel will simultaneously operate to clean the product surface as needed.

Máy phun bi tôn tấm

Why choose us – Growell Shot blasting machine Steel plate

  • Improves the effectiveness of the product’s protective coating and anti-corrosion properties after blasting;
  • Removes the perforation and soldering issues caused by the use of rust-cleaning agents.
  • To satisfy your criteria for your paint specification, provide relevant technical profiles.
  • Low labor cost production with high efficiency.
  • Clean and environment-friendly.

We offer various Shot blasting machine Steel plate models so that you can pick the one that best suits your requirements, specifics, and product size.

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