For those large and irregular workpieces, Growell’s blasting room can handle a variety of blasting tasks. It is impossible to handle pieces with varied shapes using conventional sandblasting machine design. Our sandblasting room, however, was designed by qualified engineers with extensive experience.

Blasting room

Our goal is to satisfy customers’ ongoing sandblasting business demands. The sandblasting room has the ability to cleanly blast large, asymmetrical workpieces from all sides. We want to make sure that your task can be done effectively and affordably using our sandblasting chamber for sale.

Body of Blasting room

A noise-attenuating sandwich panel with an abrasion-resistant rubber liner and a glass wool interlayer is used for the body of the sandblasting machine. The rubber liner also has the ability to reduce noise.Blasting room

The sandblast room wall is reinforced with sturdy square tubes that are welded together to make sure they won’t distort during transit and installation. The square tube will be sufficiently protected from corrosion by the outside environment thanks to its grinding and painting.

The cargo door and roof are constructed with welded profiles, closed-in steel plates, and interior assemblies of rubber that resists wear (up to 5mm). A unique sealing mechanism stops the loss of abrasive materials and makes effortless door closing feasible.

High efficiency LED bulbs are used in lighting installations to maximize brightness. The blasting room’s fastening mechanism makes maintenance removal simple.

Sandblasting Equipment

Blasting room

The most cutting-edge venturi blast nozzle is used in the sandblasting system. An innovative mix of aluminum and polyurethane for the venturi nozzle gives benefits in weight distribution, strength, and shock-absorbing properties not present in metal cased nozzles. The blast pot design will maximize production needs and provide additional abrasive impact when necessary for tough, difficult-to-clean surfaces.

System for Recovering Abrasives in the Blasting Room

The floor recovery, bucket elevator, separator, and abrasive recovery system together make up the blasting room system.

The used blasting media and impurities are recovered in the sandblast chamber using a floor recovery system, which then transports them into a bucket elevator, an air wash cleaner system, and a storage hopper for recycling. The residual material exits the recycle system through a separator.

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