Abrasive Blasting and Repair Machine

Dịch vụ phun cát Growell

Growell Group provides customers with the following services:

        – Abrasive Blasting & Creating Sanding Service

        – After-sale Service: Consulting, Repair Machine, Replacement Parts

Our company provides both product lines of Shot Blasting Machine: Electric Turbine automatic shot blasting machine and  Air blasting system to ensure the removal of all surface stains, roughening by pepper. International standard, provide SAE 2.5 product surface before painting.

Growell’s after-sales service is a maintenance and repair service for customers with the assurance that ball blasting machines are not interrupted continuously.

GROWELL VIETNAM is always committed to providing our customers with the most perfect service and the best choice for all customers.

Hotline: 093 460 5959

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