Sand blasting room and How does it cost?

Sand blasting room and How does it cost?
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A Sand Blasting Room is an enclosed area where a machine operator can use a Sand Blaster to clean metal parts. The sand blasting room is typically equipped with a fan to exhaust the dust and debris created by the blasting process.

Sand Blasting Room
Blasting room

Applications of Blasting room

anti-rust, descaling, deburring, and surface preparation before thermal spray and painting.

Features of the Sand Blast Room System are that the operator is inside the Sand Blasting booth during the blasting process. The protecting sand blasting helmet and suit protect the operator from harmful abrasive impact, and a fresh air supply provides sufficient ventilation through the blaster‘s helmet.

Sand blasting room price

Blasting room

Sand Blasting Room price depends on the capacity of sand blasting machine, cleaning rate, and Operating method. Growell Vietnam provide a Sand Blasting chamber, only with today’s complex industrial conditions. more companies are looking to move our custom-made and custom-designed blast rooms. Our highly experienced technical staff can design a blast room to meet your exact specifications and requirements. As professionals, we apply established principles to each job to ensure a blast room totally designed to perform the job you want to be done in the most efficient and economical manner.

Inside the blast room, there are numerous options for abrasive recovery and recycling systems. Floor hopper, pneumatics, and mechanicals are the three primary types of recovery. The type of abrasive, manufacturing demands and budget constraints all play a role in the decision.

Sand Blasting Booth price also depends on the operating method of the Sand Blasting machine. Medium capacity sand blasting hopper or automatic sand blasting machine have medium-sized blasting pots. A blasting stream can be controlled by the Pinch valve which is the fit bottom of the machine and this valve is opened and close by a hand lever.

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