Spinner hanger shot blasting machine

Spinner hanger shot blasting machine
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Spinner hanger shot blasting machine is one of the most typical shot blasting machine, including single hanger or double hanger style. Double hanger shot blasting machine works in the way that two hangers load and convey work pieces into blasting chamber for blasting & cleaning alternately and continuously. This machine type is developed for heavy duty shot jobs in multi shift operations. It is generally characterized by a long expected life and low maintenance cost.

Spinner hanger shot blasting machine

The blast chamber, consisting of manganese steel and welded in one piece, offers excellent wear resistance. Special seals in the celling prevent blast media spillage and reduce the noise level around the machine. It can be easily constructed to the give work piece dimensions.

Growell spinner hanger shot blasting machines are ideal options for blasting and cleaning medium or small batches of variable kinds of work piece.

Spinner hanger shot blasting machine feature

Spinner hanger shot blasting machine

  • Options for customization of high-quality single hanger and double hanger systems to provide constant, stable and high efficiency blasting results and compact design of double tracks with double motors transmission system guarantees perfect handling of work pieces in wide range of variety.
  • Specially designed high performance casted blasting wheel. Heavy steel plate 12 mm. Thickness wheel housing is completely line with High Chromium wear – resist alloy casting liners.
  • The blasting compartment houses the blasting wheel operation fabricated of mild steel plate 9.0 mm thickness and ceiling & walls are protected by High Chromium wear – resist liner 10.0 – 12.0 mm thickness.
  • PLC smart control system.
  • All electrical equipment and pneumatic equipment are wired to terminal strips and connected into control panel with IP55 degree of protection for the entire electrical installation.

Hanger shot blasting machine application

Spinner hanger shot blasting machines are highly flexible systems that can be applied in many applications such as de-sanding, rust removal, paint stripping of medium and large welding parts, auto parts, forgings and castings parts, including vulnerable parts and work pieces of complex shape etc.

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