What are some Pros and Cons of Suction Blast Cabinet?

What are some Pros and Cons of Suction Blast Cabinet?
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Suction blast cabinet is mostly used for light production jobs, and general cleaning of parts and objects. Suction blaster works by using a suction gun to pull blast media through a hose, and deliver that media to a blast nozzle, where it is then propelled at great speed into the cabinet. What are some pros and cons of suction blast cabinet?

Suction blast cabinet
Suction blast cabinet

What are some Pros of Suction Blast Cabinet?

Suction blast cabinet

  • Lower initial cost. To set up a suction blast cabinet you need less equipment than with a direct pressure system. If budget is a concern, a siphon blast cabinet may be a better choice than a direct pressure cabinet.
  • Suction blasting uses less compressed air. A pressure blast cabinet uses more air than a siphon blast cabinet with the same size blast nozzle. You can see the comparisons of air blast consumption between siphon blast and direct pressure here.
  • Ongoing operating costs are lower. Because direct pressure blasting throws with more force, the erosion of your blast nozzle, glass panels, and other replacement parts is faster than with a siphon blaster. Direct pressure blast cabinets are more aggressive, and will therefore eat up the blasting surfaces more quickly than a siphon blast cabinet.

Cons of Suction Blast Cabinet

  • Slower cleaning speed than direct pressure. Suction blast cabinets operate with lower air pressure than direct pressure. They simply cannot strip and clean as fast as a pressure blast cabinet. For heavy-use industrial blasting applications, a direct pressure cabinet may be a better choice.
  • Cannot push heavy steel shot or grit. Direct pressure units use a pressure pot to propel abrasive blast media. Because direct pressure cabinets can use more force, they can use steel shot or grit for blasting jobs.
  • Slower cleaning and stripping than pressure blasting. In a suction blast cabinet, the blast media pushes at a lighter pressure and speed. Direct pressure cabinets are about 3 to 4 times faster at blasting residue and coatings from objects than traditional siphon blast cabinets.
  • More difficult to strip heavy residue or coatings from a surface. Siphon blast cabinets are less aggressive than pressure blast cabinets. Heavy deposits may be more difficult to remove from a surface in a suction blast cabinet.

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