Advantages of Shot blasting machine

Advantages of Shot blasting machine
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A shot blasting machine makes use of a mechanical method of propelling abrasive using a centrifugal wheel to remove a layer of deposits and impurities from the surface of metal and steel products.

Hanger type shot blasting machine
Hanger type shot blasting machine

There are three basic purposes that require the need to shot blast before finishing the product:

  • To clean and de-scale a surface in metal castings & forgings.
  • Enhance the Paint & Coatings adhesion to the surface of metal products.
  • To change the properties of the metal or steel surface by removing the deposits & impurities.

Shot blasting machine types

Shot blasting machine

There are various types of shot blasting machines for blasting different types of metal and steel parts such as:

The kind of metal part or steel part that you have to blast, its shape, design, weight and size decides the type of shot blasting machine you need.

Shot blasting machine advantages

Before and After shot blast
  • Shot blasting is inexpensive and time saving and also abrasive material is reusable which makes shot blasting extremely affordable
  • Cleans and smoothens a metal surface without any damage to the surface
  • Economical to use and environment friendly as it does not produces very less amounts of dust compared to sandblasting
  • Prepares a surface for coating or re-coating applications effectively
  • Smoothens a rough surface and roughens a smooth surface effectively
  • Flexibility of using various types of abrasive materials that can be used in a shot blasting machine depending on the surface that needs to be cleaned such as glass beads, steel shots, steel grit etc. makes shot blasting the most preferred method of cleaning or preparing different metal surfaces and components


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