What are the benefits of using aluminium oxide blast media?

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Aluminium oxide blast media is renowned for its superior strength and hardness – in fact, in its natural form, Corundum, it’s one of the hardest minerals available. Aluminium oxide is commonly found in anti-slip surfaces, sandpaper and ceramics but it’s also used as an abrasive media for blast cleaning and is suited to most substrates, including marble, steel, glass and granite. 

White aluminum oxide blast media
White aluminum oxide blast media

With several different abrasive media to choose from, what are the benefits of using aluminium oxide blast media over the alternatives?

Excellent results

Surface abrasion treatments need to be highly effective and efficient, as inconsistencies in the substrate could affect the quality of the finish. Aluminium oxide is effective at removing debris or accumulations, whilst also producing an ideal surface finish for subsequent painting, coating, lining or NDT testing.

Effective even on hard substrates

Because of the superior strength of Aluminium oxide blast media, it is ideal for use on robust materials such as steel or stainless steel. Other abrasives, which lack the hardness of aluminium Oxide, are less effective in blast treatment of steels and will produce a less consistent and thorough result.

Less dust

Some abrasive media produce dust during blast treatment which, if it contains harmful substances or toxins, presents a potential risk to the health of operatives. For this reason, some media, such as silica sand, have undergone restrictions, so a non-toxic alternative that poses no risk to human health is necessary. Aluminium oxide blast media is an entirely natural product that is also chemically inert, while the absence of clouds of dust during cleaning mean improved visibility for operatives, so each treatment can be completed quickly and accurately. It is important to wear PPE when using any abrasive blasting.


Due to its hardwearing properties, aluminum oxide boasts a longer cutting life than other abrasive media, so it can be reused repeatedly without losing efficacy. Consequently, with less frequent renewal, Aluminium Oxide offers excellent value for money. Also, aluminum oxide cleans quickly, so less time is spent between treatments preparing equipment and more treatments can be completed.


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