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Blast pot may be the smallest component of a blasting room but they affect the productivity of your room greatly. We understand the importance of supplying the right blast pot setup to prevent a production bottleneck.

Blast pot in blast room Growell GBS-1016-4S
Blast pot in blast room Growell GBS-1016-4S

All blast rooms include one or more abrasive blast pots which provide the actual abrasive blasting capacity. In the simplest terms, the abrasive blast pot is the pressurized vessel which contains the abrasive and mixes it with compressed air. That mixture is sent out through a blast hose where it is accelerated through a venturi blast nozzle at the other end.

Blast pots are highly customizable and we will make recommendations for cost saving options and accessories based on your specific needs.

Blasting time / Capacity

How much abrasive your blast pot holds determines how long you can blast before stopping to refill. The standard blast pot capacities we recommend for most blast rooms will be 6.5 or 10 cu. ft. But we can go far beyond that for when longer blast sessions are necessary. When extra high capacity is needed, 120 and 160 cu. ft. bulk blast pots are an option. Plan accordingly and spend more time blasting and less time filling.

Dual chamber blast pot

The ultimate in abrasive capacity. When it comes to productivity dual-chamber blast pots are the top-of-the-line. They continuously refill while under pressure so your operation never has to stop blasting to wait for more abrasive. What makes this possible is a second pressure chamber above the primary chamber which cycles between a unpressurized state where it refills from the abrasive hopper, and the pressurized state where moves abrasive into the primary chamber. They are less expensive and take up less space than a high capacity bulk pot.

How many outlet do you need?

Blast rooms can be equipped with a single blast pot with a single blasting outlet or multiple blast pots with multiples outlets each. Multiple blast outlets are used more than one operator is blasting simultaneously or in larger blast rooms where different areas of the room have dedicated outlets.

To provide you with this efficient system of blasting services with the ideal blast pots, Growell Vietnam a leading manufacture, supplier, and exporter brings to you a range of steel shots and machines.

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