Polishing solution to clean wood product surface before painting

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To complete a wooden product, it must go through many stages such as surface preparation, dough or color cleaning, primer, color spraying, color milking and spraying. In which surface preparation is the most important. Currently, the solution of using tea machines using sandpaper to treat the surface as desired on the wood surface is the most popular.

However do you know that this solution has many disadvantages?

  • It is expensive because it must be replaced continuously
  • Do not smooth thoroughly at small, complex engraving station details.  
  • Long cleaning time leads to low productivity, large labor costs.

So what is the more optimal solution?

To overcome the disadvantages on Growell, please introduce to us a solution to treat wood surfaces by sand blasting machine using air compressor.

Cối phun cát Growell

Sand blasting machine for wood surface cleaning solutions replacing traditional sandpaper grinding methods

Principle of operation of sand blasting machine is as follows: When starting air compressor, compressed air creates quite strong thrust and makes sand in airplanes out through sand blasting. The operator will manipulate sand into the wood surface. Just like a tea machine using sandpaper sand particles are fired at great speeds on every corner of the wood product surface to be smoothed with continuous impact force and strong impact force to make the surface smooth. and cleaned.

Cối phun cát Growell


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When using sand blasting machine smoothing the wood surface is done correctly, it will ensure:

  • The surface is sanded more smooth and smooth, cleaning every corner of the product
  • The thickness and uniform flatness are accurate.
  • Better sanding and smoothing results because the dust is the least on the surface.
  • Fast surface treatment time.
  • Save on coating and labor costs.

The purpose of this article is to introduce the principle of operation of sand blasting machine to clean the wood surface and its highlights to help you sand the smoothest and most effective in the process of wood surface treatment. .

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