SG125 – Specially cleaned steel ball beads for steel structures

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Steel is one of the two most important materials in construction in Vietnam today. In recent years, the use of steel has developed rapidly, replacing for reinforced concrete in most factories, large factories and many other works. The design and construction of steel structure works today is gradually becoming popular. Therefore, it is also important to treat steel structure surface before painting. This stage greatly affects the life of steel structures.

Growell Viet Nam would like to introduce SG125 abrasive cleaning steel balls manufactured by Growell Thailand

Steel shot size SG125 are a blend of steel balls S460 and GL25 steel beads with appropriate proportions, through heat treatment to create steel shot SG125 specialized for steel structure industry.

Hạt thép SG125 Growell

After spraying, the surface of the beam has roughness which increases adhesion as well as the life of the coating. At the same time the beam surface hardness is also enhanced.

Especially cleaning steel shot SG125 can be reused many times, so it is very effective and economical as the first choice for customers.

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