Safety regulation when using the Apron type machine

Máy phun bi thùng đảo Growell
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Apron type machine is one of the most popular shot blasting machine. So what is the safety regulation when using the Apron type machine?

Apron type machine of Growell

Apron type machine Growell
Apron type machine Growell

Safety regulation of polishing when using Apron type machine:

– Only those workers who have been trained about Apron type machines can use them.
– When operating with the machine, it must bring full labor protection.
– Check the machine before starting, ensure the normal operation of the engine, sand polishing test, polished steel ball, bearings, spindle, fan blowing. The machine does not vibrate, no strange cry.
– Strictly comply with the process of operating the Apron type machine.
– Strictly prohibit foreign objects from entering the machine, it is strictly forbidden to modify them without stopping the machines.
– Periodic lubrication at the position of sliding gates and slopes, open and closed door positions must have safety latches.
– Must display the operating capacity, corresponding product type. Paste display in Vietnamese for manipulation buttons, sequential order.
– Check the clock to show the sand blasting speed for each type of sand blasting machine.
– When operating high above, wear a safety belt, stop the engine completely and turn off the power.
– When removing embryos, all excuses must be turned off to remove sand.
– When turning the motor by hand to get the workpiece out, pay attention: Stand at a safe distance, rotate at a slow speed, the product falls slowly into the barrel, box in the outside, avoiding the product falling into feet, don’t touch the newly polished product.
– Pay attention to observe the direction of rotation of the engine when starting, do not put too much product beyond the load of the machine.

Above are the golden rules for using Apron type machine to be safe and effective. Please contact us Hotline: 0932.289.569 to be consulted when polishing blasting machine – your Apron type machine needs to replace components or have problems.

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