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Introducing features and characteristics of Blasting room and Vacuum-suction automatic particle recovery systems

The Growell Vietnam’s blasting room is based on vacuum technology to create gas suction force to recover steel shot. Do not use mechanical parts such as screw, bucket, conveyor. Thereby avoiding abrasion during continuous use, easy maintenance, maintenance, easy to use.


1.Features and benefits of the system:

     – Do not use common mechanical structure with movement such as conveyor, bucket, rake blade, broom and details such as sprockets, rollers … So the system will not have mechanical parts lost. worn, damaged or technical malfunction during use. Thoroughly reduce maintenance and maintenance.
– No need to dig deep holes to place conveyor, screw conveyor, rake blade. The “W” floor has an ideal height of about 260mm, which can be easily placed on top of the rail, and it is very convenient to move later.
– The “W” floor structure is very strong thanks to the design of the diamond carbon structure. Floors can be up to 200 tons.
– Suitable for reclaiming various abrasive grains: abrasives, steel balls, glass beads, aluminum oxide powder, …
– Completely reduce spare parts to replace compared with the conventional recovery system.

2.Why Blasting Room of Growell Vietnam should be used

– Growell Vietnam’s products are genuine, high quality.
– The most competitive price.
– The service quality of the staff is good.
– The company always operates based on the best benefits for customers

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