Sandblasting machine advantages

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Sandblasting machine is a conventional method of preparing a metal substrate and material surfaces before applying a treatment, coating or other finishes. Sandblasting machine has several advantages, what are they?

Sandblasting machine
Sandblasting machine

Sandblasting machine advantages

Sandblasting machine application

  • Can be used to remove old paint, smooth a sharp surface or give shape to an object. Old and discolored surfaces are also cleaned by sandblasting.
  • Helps to rejuvenate the material and making it look new again.
  • Allows you to access corners and areas that are difficult to reach.
  • Prepare the surface for subsequent stoning and polishing.
  • Saves time and is more efficient than sandpaper.
  • Does not make use of complex types of machinery.
  • Removes precipitates even from tough surfaces like concrete.

Common mistakes when using sandblasting machine

While the sandblasting process is extremely effective, there are some potential mistakes that you must avoid for the best results and experience. To minimize costly errors and safety risks, use proper equipment and safety gear.

Ignoring safety precautions

Without taking the correct safety precautions, sandblasting can seriously injure you or someone around you. It’s important to always cover any exposed skin when sandblasting. A full-face mask is ideal for protecting your face, although safety glasses should be worn at the bare minimum. Wear heavy gloves and try to keep yourself and others out of range as much as possible to avoid injury.

Failure to reuse abrasive media

One common mistake is letting your blasting materials fly away without trying to collect them. While commercial sandblasters use a blasting cabinet, a sheet or tarp will work well for DIY sandblasting machine. Collect your materials so you can reuse them and save yourself some money.

Choosing the wrong abrasive media

There are several different particles you can use for blasting. While sand is the most common, it’s easy to choose a material that’s wrong for the job you’re completing. Consider whether or not the particle’s degree of hardness is appropriate for the job. For example, glass beads are better than sand for blasting tile because they are rounder and finer to avoid damaging the tile.

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