What is blast room and How does it work?

What is blast room and How does it work?
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Blast room is a safe and effective way to prepare your metal for finishing. By using an abrasive blast room, your business can save time, money, and the environment by recovering and recycling abrasive materials time and time again.

Blast room
Blasting room

What is blast room?

Blast room is a large chamber designated for storing abrasive blast pots, collecting abrasive leftovers, and recycling the blast abrasive. A blast room consists of an enclosure that prevents fine abrasive media from entering the outside air and a system designed to reclaim your abrasive material.

After the leftover abrasive is recovered, it is moved to a recovery system that separates dust from the leftovers so the high-quality abrasives can be reused. Through the use of an abrasive blast room, you can save money by efficiently recovering and reusing abrasive material that is still worthy of reuse.

How does blast room work?

Blast room

During abrasive blasting, unfinished products can be stripped of paint, mold, and rust to create a smooth and even surface ready for finishing. As abrasive blasting is performed, the abrasive and fine particles of dust fall to the floor.

After the blasting is complete, the leftover abrasive material left on the floor is gathered by a recovery system. There are several options for recovery systems, some of which use sweepers, W grating and spiral conveyor to gather all material into a recycling system.

Upon reaching the recycling system, fine particles and dust are removed from the mixture, leaving the remaining high-quality abrasive material clean and ready to be placed back in the blasting pot.

Blasting rooms can be customized to best suit your product needs. They can be outfitted with manual blasting hoses, rail blasting systems, and various types of recovery systems. With ample options for customization, there is no one-size-fits-all blasting room.


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