Blast pot Buyer’s Guide

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Welcome to the Buyer’s Guide for the Growell Vietnam Blast Pot. Unfortunately, because every application is unique, there is no universal method for determining the sort of blast pot needed. However, this guide will give you a good understanding of what to consider when selecting a blast pot and can assist you in determining which is most likely to meet your needs.

Blast pot

What exactly are you going to blast?

The purpose of the blast pot should be taken into account first. There are so many uses for blasting that it would be hard to list them all here, but there are some general rules that apply to any blasting activity that will influence the kind of pot you require.


You’ll probably need a blast pot with a huge capacity for bigger jobs (e.g. 150 or 200ltr). You will be able to blast constantly for a longer period of time without having to refuel. A smaller capacity pot, such as a 50 or 100 ltr, will be adequate for minor projects and occasional labor and will provide greater maneuverability than the bigger ones.


Obviously, every project is unique, but to give you a general sense of the pressure you’ll need, below are some samples of what may be accomplished at various psi levels:

  • Useful for etching some metals, cleaning delicate wood, and lightly stained stone at 60 psi.
  • Useful for etching steelwork and cleaning severely stained stone is 80 psi.
  • Useful for corroded or mill scaled steel and iron is 100 psi.


How much time do you want to spend blasting at once? Different-sized pots allow for continuous blasting for extended periods of time. You might need to give up blasting time for manoeuvrability because larger pots often imply longer blasting durations.


If you intend to work offshore or in other hazardous environments, it is crucial that you select a pot that complies with the necessary safety regulations.

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