Cleaning feature of Sand Blasting Machine

Máy phun cát bàn xoay Growell
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Surely you also know about a device to clean up those who are in many industries such as mechanics, car manufacturing, or shipbuilding, … learn and use. So the cleaning features of the product line, the requirements of the fastidious businesses have come up with whether the product Growell Sand Blasting Machine can overcome? Please join us to find out the outstanding features of this machine.

The outstanding features of the sand blasting machine:

First, what do companies need to do and what are the requirements for the Sand Blasting:
✔ Clean the surface, remove dirt, welds, rust, old paint layers, in the corner of the product.

Máy phun cát Growell

It is also the most basic requirement, so what is the feature of the Sand Blasting?
✔ Different from other cleaning equipment, this machine uses compressed air and creates high pressure, which helps sand grains have a strong force to hit the surface of the object to help clean dirt, termites, layers old and rusty paint, … deep in the nooks and at the same time will create roughness for the surface of the object as well as there will be devices to help minimize the environmental pollution like the previous cleaning products.

Máy phun cát Growell


Tủ phun cát Growell

With the above requirements, you can also see that this is the product line that can meet the expectations of businesses, which is the reason that companies are always looking to spray the product. sand. Currently, in the market, there are 2 products that are wet and dry Sand blasting machine, you can also choose which product line is suitable for your business.
If you have any questions, please contact: Hotline 0932.289.569 to receive the most specific advice.
Growell Vietnam specializes in designing and manufacturing blasting machines, sand blasting machines, blasting rooms and Vietnam’s leading recovery system.

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