Summary of frequently asked questions when using Sand Blasting Machine

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Growell will answer your common questions when using a Sand Blasting machine, and how to use it quickly – effectively, not everyone knows!

Frequently asked questions when using sand blasting machines

1)  What are the uses of sand blasting machines?

The general use of Sand blasting machines is:

✔ Clean, polish or roughen the surface of the item.

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✔ Frosted, carved on glass

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✔ Clean or create roughness for all types of molds

✔ LClean small and medium items

✔ Clean heavy items


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✔ Clean shaped steel, steel plate

✔ Clean steel pipes

✔ Clean rotating round items

✔ Clean the gas tank

2)  What is Technical sand?

Technical sand is a common name for abrasives.

For example: steel shot, steel grit, aluminum oxide, plastic media, Silicon Carbide, glass beads, steel cut wire, stainless steel shot, zinc shot, …

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3)  What is sand blasting machine?

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Sand blasting machine is a device used to spray abrasives on material surfaces.

The purpose of using a sand blasting machine is to clean, polish or roughen objects, enhancing surface properties.

How to choose sand blasting machine

Sand blasting machine on the market has many different types, with domestic products and imported products. Depending on your needs, you can use the appropriate machine capacity.
If you have a motorcycle refresher workshop, you use a sand blasting machine to remove old paint, you can use a mini sand blasting machine, a product line for small-scale units, with This machine, in order to save costs for your unit, you can build a room specializing in sand blasting, minimizing dirt flying outside.
If you are a large business with high operational needs, use a sand blasting machine and an injection material recovery device, in this way, you can save materials after spraying for use. used for the next time.
Besides, you can choose local machines or imported products, basically, these machines are not different in use, sometimes Vietnamese machines are manufactured in accordance with the conditions in Vietnam more.
With the sharing of the sand blasting machine, it is hoped that this part will help you to use the machine in the best way!
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