What are Sand blasting applications?

Sand blasting applications
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Sand blasting is one of the most efficient ways to clean and prepare surfaces. Woodworkers, machinists, auto mechanics, and more can all use sandblasting in their work, especially when they fully understand the many ways that sandblasting can be used.

Sand blasting materials

Despite the name, sand isn’t the only material that can be used in the sandblasting process. Different abrasive can be used depending on the material they are being used on. These abrasive can be include:

Sand blasting safety

Before we go into the specific uses of sandblasting, a quick note: anyone performing sandblasting should always wear proper safety equipment. Because of the potential health risks involved, sandblasting respiratory protection, protective eyewear, and head protection are all essential tools when using a sandblaster.

Sand blasting applications

  • Paint and rust removal

One of the main uses of sand blasting is to remove paint or rust. Sandblasters cand be used to remmove paint, rust and other surface pollutants from cars, houses, machinery, and almost any other surface.

Sand blasting doesn’t have to be used just on large machines or building. It can also be used to clean household tools. Screwdrives, wrenches and other metal tools that have become dirty or rusted can be cleaned quickly and efficiently with a quick application of the sandblaster.

  • Shaping small parts

Sometimes, metal or plastic parts to devices that need to be assembled have small burs or other irregularities that after the intened shape or get in the way to remove during assembly. Sandblasting is an effective way to remove those burs, tags, and excess material.

  • Art design

Sand blasting on glass
Sand blasting on glass

Not all sandblasting uses are industrial or mechanical. Skilled artisans have been known to use sandblasters on wood, metal, glass, and other surfaces to create signs, status, and other pieces of art.

  • Street cleaning

Sandblasting is also am effective way to clean streets, walkways, and other concerete surfaces. The high-speed abrasive ejected from a sandblaster can scrub concerete and pavement clean very quickly, without having to use water to do so.

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