How many type of Shot blast machine?

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What is shot blasting

In simple words Shot blasting also known as abrasive blasting, is the act of spraying a surface with small abrasive particles that are launched at very high speed and interact with the surface in a way similar to sanding. Sandblasting can be used to quickly remove a layer, to create a matte effect, to remove oxidation or corrosion from metal surface and to speed up the process of sanding an objects

As shot blasting can be a dangerous technique, precision is a key consideration. That’s why, similarly to sand blasting, shot blasting is best performed by a trained professional. Most shot blasting services will also use a dust filtration system to reduce the risk of inhaling dust created by the procedure, in-keeping with EU regulations.

What is shot blast machine

Shot blast machine is a mechanical method of propelling abrasive using a centrifugal wheel to remove surface and other impurities from the surface of steel applications. General, blasting prior to finishing serves three primary purposes:

  • It cleans and descales surfaces
  • Adds texture to enhance paint adhesion
  • Properly reduces maintenance costs by increasing coating life

How many type of shot blasting machine?

Roller conveyor shot blast machine
Roller conveyor shot blast machine

Full automatic systems for cleaning structure steel, aluminum formwork,… are desingned to remove rust, scale and old paint from steel more thoroughly and economically than air blasting or chemical cleaning. On the incoming and outgoing side a roller conveyor with different lengths and width, Depending on their length and weight the work pieces are put onto the roller way manually or by crane. After loading the parts are transported through the machine with a pre-selected speed. A blow-off or a brush unit is cleaning them after blasting

Hanger type shot blast machine
Hanger type shot blast machine

hanger type machines are specifically designed in order that components: large medium small castings, forging parts, fabricated steel products, transformers, automobile part, alloy wheels, bicycles, gear parts, axles and tool bits, etc are hung on the hook of a hoist. The hoist is controlled manually by the operator throughout the overhead conveyor outside the machine by means of ordinary push – putton panel or by PLC, for the component loading and unloading. Once the hoist has got to its working position, all its motors are driven by the cycle progam which avoids any misuses and control the movements of components during blasting operation. The blasting wheels are fitted on a cabin side, while the movement of the hook rotates. The surface of the workpiece is thus evenly blasted from all angles and even difficult to reach areas are optimally treated.

Apron/tumble type shot blast machine
Apron/tumble type shot blast machine

For removal and cleaning of sand casting, rust, forging, and burrs from all kinds of materials/ parts. This type of blast machine is economical and minimal maintenance. The wide range of application and parts can be loaded through an automatic loader to receive workpieces into the blast drum by forwarding movement of rubber belt to clear the work pieces from the loader.

When the blast process starts and the forward movement of rubber belt allows the workpieces to constantly tumble under the blast stream. By this, the workpieces are cleaned completely and evenly. After finishing blast process, the lifting door opens automatically and backwards movement of rubber belt to clear the workpieces from the blast drum. The workpieces fall into containers or into discharging units receiving them for further transportation.

Rotary hanger shot blast machine
Rotary hanger shot blast machine

Rotary hanger type shot blast machine is specially designed for the blast cleaning of various components such as medium or small castings, forging parts, automobile parts, alloys wheels, gear parts, ect. The design incorporates a centrifugal turbine, turned table mechanism, rotating hook mechanism, screw conveyor (horizontal and vertical), bucket elevator, abrasives separator, dust collector and control panel. The surface of the work piece is thus evenly blasted from all angles and even difficult to reach areas are optimally treated. Operation and process control can be set by the operator to allow for a broad range of jobs and preparations. Media is continuously recycled and recovered, which separates round blast media from broken media, debris and dust.


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