Why should we use sandblaster?

Why should we use sandblaster?
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Sandblaster is a method of propelling abrasive using compressed air  or pressurized liquid as the propellant.

Why should we use sandblaster?
Growell Sandblaster

Sandblaster working principle

Growell Sandblaster

This is the process of spaying abrasives media at high pressure with the help of compressed air that is passed through the sand blasting nozzle at a very high velocity. The sequences of operations in sandblasting are as follows:

  • Loading of abrasives into the machine.
  • The second step is focusing on pressurized air through the nozzle on the surface to be sandblasted.

Blasting nozzle along with controlling the pressure and velocity also helps in creating a trajectory for the blast. Pressure blast systems are the systems that are ten times more efficient and faster than the siphon blast system.

Why should we use sandblasters?

Sandblaster application
Sandblaster application
  • Saves time and money by reducing the effort by up to 95% required to clean or smooth a rough surface.
  • Every type of paint or rust or carbon deposit can be cleaned within minutes with the help of a portable sandblaster.
  • Increases longevity of metal products, rusted pipelines, old metal products, and any kind of mineral or ceramic surface that needs to be cleaned.
  • Simply smoothen a rough surface or roughen a smooth surface.
  • Cost is 95% less compared to deploying a full-time person for cleaning a surface.
  • You can simply clean tough corners on metal pieces that are otherwise difficult to reach.
  • Very beneficial in bringing shine to the aluminum alloys, car alloys, and motorcycle rims.
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Sandblaster manufacturer

Manufacturing a sandblasting machine is not a complex process but it needs experience and knowledge of various abrasive media or materials and their application for cleaning different surfaces. We manufacture Portable sandblaster and concern that is extremely affordable and highly secure.

We are is the leading Sandblasting machine manufacturer in Vietnam that offers the complete automatic shot blasting machine, blast room and sandblaster with the R&D (Research & Development) at a low price.

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